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Don't miss the opportunity to attend our Monthly Seminars! FCSO also cares about fomenting people's knowledge in today's world, so we provide inexpensive monthly seminars to the public directed by professionals who will give you tips and impart knowledge in their areas of study. Here, we present a list of them:

Small Business Tax Strategies 


Fee $50 non-members and $35 members


Maximize different tax saving strategies, pros and cons of using home office use, automobile mileage vs actual use, should you buy or lease a car, rules to deduct travel, entertainment, etc...

Class Date: 1/12/16

Quickbooks A-Z  Fee $70 non-members and $35 members


Learn how to do all of the following, from setup to reporting from an accountant and not a computer software guru:

  1. Charts of Accounts

  2. General Ledger and all financial reports including Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet

  3. Time and materials billing statements

  4. Tracking and Paying Sales Tax

  5. Managing inventory / reporting

  6. Preparing Payroll reports

  7. Budgeting Forecasting

  8. Accounts Receivable processes - invoicing, applying payments, preparing customer statements and generating meaningful AR reports

  9. Accounts Payable processes - entering bills, printing checks, applying credits, and generating meaningful AP reports

  10. Credit Card/Cash/ACH/Debit Card Transactions

  11. And much more!


This is an instructional class not a hands on computer class. Successful completion of this and payment of all other classes give you free 2 months Quickbooks support. Classes are independent and not cumulative in nature.

Class dates: 4/11/15, 5/9/15, 6/13/15, 7/11/15, 8/8/15, 9/12/15, 10/10/15, 11/14/15, 12/12/15, 1/9/16, 2/13/16, 3/12/16


Partnership do's and don'ts and other business contracts


Class date: February 9, 2016

Tax Credits for Businesses and for the average Taxpayer


Fee $50 non-members $35 members


Job tax credits, Investment tax credits, Economic Zones, Energy Efficiency Credit and more


Class Date: 3/8/16

The difference of an S Corporation and an LLC 


Fee $50 non-members $35 members


Liability, Tax and Investment


Class Date: 4/14/15

Applying for a Loan / Grant / Angel investor


Fee $50 non-members $35 members


Paper work required, Asset to Loan Ratio, SWOT Analysis, What grantors and bankers are looking for 


Class Date: 5/12/15

Save money on your business insurances/workers comp


Fee $50 non-members $35 members


Insuring only what you need, Proper classification, credits and more


Class Date: 6/9/15


Improve your credit score


Proven Techniques, Paid as Agreed, From Hero to Zero, Charge Offs, Judgments


Fee $50 non-members $35 members


Class Date: 7/13/15


10 Proven Ways to Increase Sales On a Shoe String Budget


Networking Tips, Synergy Creation, Legal and Effective


Fee $50 non-members $35 members


Class Date: 8/11/15


Hiring Employees-Tax/Health/Workers Comp


Affordable Care Act, Part Time Employees, Benefits


Fee $50 non-members $35 members


Class Date: 9/8/15

Independent Contractor (1099-misc or an employee)


Contract Labor, Part Time Employees, Contractor Agreements


Fee $50 non-members $35 members


Class Date: 10/13/15

Preparing your own Business Plan 

Shark Tank Worthy, Income and Expense Projections, Executive Summary


Fee $50 non-members $35 members


Class Date: 11/10/15

To Be or Not to Be a Corporation


No Assests, Limited Liability, Pros and Cons, Tax


Fee $50 non-members $35 members


Class Date:12/8/15

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