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THOM (Thanksgiving Holiday Orphan Meal)


You can bring something to the table!



Thanksgiving is a feast centered around family and food but many in our community have to spend the holiday alone, for them we organize a Thanksgiving Holiday Orphan Meal.   


Sharing a meal is a way to build a community, especially if it is on Thanksgiving Day.


THOM is a community effort and needs your help!  Donations and Volunteers are needed throughout the year to work in many areas of planning, outreach,  and of course, to help us serve the community meal on Thanksgiving Day.  This community meal is free and open to everyone in the community; it is so much more than a meal at a welcoming location - many of our guests linger long after they have eaten - enjoying the fellowship of the moment with other guests, Florida Community Support core team members, and volunteers.  This Meal blesses not only those that come to dine but also bestows blessings on those who host and volunteer for the common good of all. We gather at different locations where volunteers from local faith communities, businesses, and community groups prepare and serve a total average of 4000 meals.  


If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please click here. 


Would you like to donate or become a Sponsor?  Click here for details.


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